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Financial Consulting

consultanta financiara

Through our financial consulting expertise we are fully committed to create value-added to our clients businesses by minimizing their businesses related expenses and risks and helping them to increase profit.

We are performing economic and financial analysis of our client business, followed by setting forth suitable solutions in order to counteract the identified weak points of the business activities:

Financial structures analysis;
Financial management analysis, the cost and profitability of the invested capital;
Management analysis of the working capital;
Identifying the financial analysis ratio based on rates, shares, re-processing;
Financial advice regarding the elaboration of financing charts and treasury plans;
Assistance and financial advice on preventing and removing business’ difficulties (risks analysis, solutions identification);
Cash flow analysis;
Financial advice and company’s value assessment at the taxation stage
Financial advice and company’s value analysis based on the fiscal year balance sheet taxation;
Financial advice and credit, leasing, factoring systems analyses;
Financial advice as regarding our clients interest and decision making process for investing in a predictable or non-predictable environment.