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Audit services

servicii audit

We have the capacity and the required competence to fulfill any financial audit mission in accord with the international professional standards or the national professional regulations.

Financial audit

Drafting Annual audit reports (short reports to be submitted to the Trade Registry and long (detailed) reports – as confidential letters) in accord with the International Audit Standards as approved by the Chamber of Financial Auditors in Romania;
Comparative analysis of the major financial ratio of the company;
Identification of the most suitable accounting policies;
Assessment of the internal audit.

Internal audit

Loyal Expert’s professional team is confident and has the expertise in assessing the aggregate of the activities of a company in order to provide an independent assessment regarding the risks management, control management and the company’s administration processes.

Statutory audit

The statutory or legal audit implies the examination done by a professional, competent and independent accountant of the financial situation of an entity in order to express a motivated opinion on the true, clear and complete image of the financial position and situation, as well as on the performances obtained by it.

Fiscal Audit

The fiscal audit is necesary for:

The evaluation of the established regulation in order to achieve a given objective;
The comparative evaluation between the real situation and the pre-established regulations.

EU funds audit

Monitoring and auditing the non-reimbursable funds (EU, Phare, POSDRU etc)