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About Us

Loyal Expert Ltd. is a financial and accounting consulting agency established in 2008, providing services to small and medium size enterprises with activities in, but not limited to trade, services, manufacturing and construction industry and also to NGOs, self-employed and freelancing activities.

Our company is offering an outstanding experience and the expertise of a highly qualified team, providing accounting survey reports, fiscal consulting and financial audit services. We are fully dedicated to our clients by providing a flexible and tailored approach for every particular business and client.

Our team is fully committed to respect the professional code of conduct and all our activities are performed in a professional and confidential manner not only during the business collaboration, but also at any stage in the future.

Also, the company has a portfolio comprised of 60 clients in different fields of activitie, of wich we mention:a Romanian Baking Company with over 120 employees, two major IT services companies subsidiary to foreign companies from UK and Finland 60 employees in Iasi and the subsidiary of an USA company in the trade field.

We own:

an information network (computers, printers, scanners, laptops, etc) witch ensure a safe and quick transfer of the financial information.
performent software for accounting, diagnostic analysis, human resources.
data server;
subscription to specialized publications offered both in print and online, an entire judicial and business library made available to the team members so they could form opinions and suggest high level measures in performing their duties, as well as in the efficient and legal activity development.

The professional team:

Expert accountant
Legal expert
Fiscal consultant
Human resources expert
Collaboration with a law office